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Growth - Everything has to change now
2023 Play Theater

© Pictures from Forster

»Slowly the time loses itself in the leaves, in the earth and I don't know if I'm still a child or not anymore.«


Past. Memories. The things we lost. When law student Alice unexpectedly finds herself in the forest of her childhood, she must decide which future she wants to fight for.

Starring: Flurina Carla Schlegel, Klaus Philipp, Tom Christopher Büning, Delia Rachel Bauen

Directed by: Nandi Nastasja  

Production: Landestheater Schwaben

Dramaturgy: Paula Erb

Stage Design: Carolin Wirth, Inés Díaz Naufal

Costume Design: Christin Kriener

Motion Design: Lara Sommermann

Sound Design: Emma Holzapfel

Concept by: Lili Roesing, Nandi Nastasja

Written by: Lili Roesing


© Landestheater Schwaben


“The law student Alice gets lost in a forest in Lili Roesing's Play “Growth”. As law student Alice (Flurina Schlegel) searches the dying forest for a world that will find its way back to intergenerational justice. But the clock is ticking. And the hands cannot be turned back. Voices from the off remind her of her childhood, when the ecological system of the forest was still intact. Schlegel shows how the young woman works while the world collapses on her. The first state examination is more important than saving nature. Ludwigsburg director Nandi Nastasja locates Roesing's terrible images of a new generation of indifference in a spooky fairytale forest. With Emma Holzapfel's sound design, she reflects fear of the future in sounds. The voices pound on Alice more and more, forcing her to question her values: what are you doing with the life that is being stolen from your generation?”

Elisabeth Maier, Theater der Zeit

"This piece shows two worlds on different levels: Alice's adult self, who wants to make something of herself, meets her happy child self. The beloved, familiar, living forest on their city "that works". Past meets future. And finally, the realization that you are too late and that you are no longer able to do anything meets the accumulated legal knowledge, which becomes useless at that moment. Brilliantly played, these questions also affect the audience, because the forest is essential for all of us."

Die Lokale

Macbeth - Power of Information
2022 Play Theater

»Fair is foul, and foul is fair«

Responsibility. Loyalty. Treason. As a hacker for an intelligence agency, Macbeth finds himself lost in a whirlwind of self-empowerment. The unsuspecting public, a victim of its own creation, nurtures the thirst for fame in Macbeth which drives him into the loss of shared reality.

Starring: Fynn Engelkes, Fabienne ten Thije, Jonathan Fiebig, Patricia Franke

Directed by: Nandi Nastasja  

Production: Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg

Dramaturgy: Milena Plach 

Stage Design: Tim Goossens 

Costume Design: Laura Yoro 

Motion Design: Nicolas Schneider 


Written by: Milena Plach, Nandi Nastasja

based on William Shakespeare using the translation by Dorothea Tieck

© Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg

2022 Play

„Remember, I am a work of your hands“

Quest for love. Quest for power. Loneliness. In a world of vulnerability and cruelty we ask ourselves where to draw the line between human and monstrous. The monster is in all of us. But can we find humanity in a monster?

Starring: Marius Petrenz, Larissa Pfau, Fariborz Rahnama, Nina Stehlin, Rahel Stork

Directed by: Nandi Nastasja

Production: Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg

Dramaturgy: Jana Fritzsche

Stage Design: Felix Glawion 

Costume Design: Jacqueline Koch 

Motion Design: Nicolas Schneider 

Written by: Jana Fritsche, Nandi Nastasja

based on Mary Shelleys Frankenstein

© Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg

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